Awakening of Love
July 21-23
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Living with Courage and No Regrets

45784_434161392864_4843645_nTwice in the early 1970’s, Himalaya left his home in the UK and travelled overland to India on an inner search to explore different spiritual paths and meditation techniques to help him try to find some deeper meaning to his life.

But as he freely admits, it was only when he had reached the rock bottom of despair inside himself and his life had no meaning whatsoever that Osho came into his life.

In 1976 Osho initiated him into the world of the master-disciple relationship. Being in the presence of Osho was a massive, life-changing event for Himalaya and gave him a new direction in his life, a new sense of purpose to discover his own being.

Since those magical days some forty years ago, his life’s passion has simply been that journey of

relaxing into himself and coming home to his own being. Over the intervening years he has lived,

worked and meditated in many of Osho’s communities around the world, helping others to start their own search within themselves.

He is trained in deep tissue and rebalancing bodywork, holistic massage and color puncture and

is a trained facilitator in holistic counselling, Osho meditative therapies and awareness intensives. He brings his own depth of spiritual experience to each of his groups and workshops to help and support others to find their own inner bliss and peace.

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