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Crystal Temple is opened every day from 12.00 to 19.00

Sessions start every full hour and last about 40 minutes

  • Open sessions: price – 24 euro per person. Room accommodates up to 8 persons.

  • Private sessions: Price – 35 euro. You can enjoy the whole room on your own, choose your own soundtrack music etc.

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  • You can organize your own event at our Crystal Temple, if pre-book the time. Create your own meditation sessions or whatever pops into your mind. Every creative idea is welcomed if it is connected with sharpening/widening the mind and spirit.

  • For celebrating birthdays or other events we offer a „Rose ceremony“, which heps to materialize your wishes into the real world. We have all the neccessary equipment, 8-25 persons can join.

  • For companies:
    A sample session for a group of 6-14 persons contains:
    *a lecture for an 1,5 hour – about sensitive feelings and perception, how to improve those skills and powers – (theme can be moyfied at your wish);
    *1 hour session in Crystal Temple on theme of your choice;
    Price – ca 45 eur per person (includes snacks and beverages)
    Ask for personal offer!

  • Rental of the Crystal Temple – ask for personal offer!
    Crystal Temple welcomes you with:
    *headphones for 8 persons
    *lying places on comfortable sheep-skins for 15 persons
    *sitting places for up to 30 persons

  • Rental of the main halll – ask for personal offer!
    Sitting places in theatre style up to 65 persons
    On the floor we can accommodate up to 20 persons (mats, cuchions, plaids and sheep skins are available)

Attention! NEW!
We are creating a new programme  according to which you can relax in a meditative state of mind (changed state of conciousness) for a 2-3 hours in the evening. It allowes your body to experience a powerful healing meditation and therefore a recovery.

The programme consists of three parts: short introductionary lecture + meditation + short outradictionary lecture, explaining the experiences we had during meditation. Through the headphones you can hear metamusic, which supports our intentsions and empowers the results of the process.

Themes for the healing-evenings:
Heartache release, opening your heart to new feelings
Letting go of repressive illnesses, healing the body
Communication with tumours
Restricting fears and soothing the panic attacs
Arising from stress, tiredness and exhaustion
Adjustment of body weight whatever direction needed.

Lots of yet to come…

If you are having some concrete annoying feelings that you want to get rid of (stress, exhaustion etc.) then let us know! We can work out special programme especially for your needs! Please ask for personal offer!

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