Crystal Temple is temporary closed

Come and spend time in a room that is filled with magic powers and let the synergy of energies carry and nourish you!

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For over some years now, our team pondered about the thought of offering people the opportunity to improve their life quality by relaxation amongst the power of crystals.

To accomplish our dream, throughout the world we searched for the right crystals and elements which, in symbiosis, would create the powerful energetic field to support and vitalize the physical and unphysical body of human being. Currently, all the necessary „helpers“ are gathered together to one room – the Crystal Temple is ready to welcome its guests!

The purpose of the Crystal Temple is to offer assistance to people who wish to improve their life quality. The synergetic energy of gathered crystals helps to expedite the healing process, maintain youthfulness, support the recovery process from prolonged illnesses (including chemotherapy), soothe the fear and panic attacks, among other things. It is an especially powerful source for rebalancing and energetic refilling after overworking, being stressed out or, just lacking energy in general.

Crystals support the widening of spiritual world and help you to be more aware of the world that surrounds you.

At your disposal are:

  • 500 kilos of Amethyst Geodes – these are crystal caves, which have preserved a brilliant natural structure of quartz that has taken shape over the ages. These giants have travelled here from mine in Brazilian. This kind of community is unique in Estonia. The biggest crystal weighs more than 80 kilos.
  • 800 kilos of natural crystal sea salt came from the depths of the Dead Sea
  • 3550 carat of diamond speck came from the biggest diamond mine in Russia
  • 100 kilos of white Carrara marble – it is the most famous marble in the world. Even Michelangelo used it to create his incredible statues.

For the utmost relaxation there are natural sheepskins laid on the floor where you can lie on. Candles, tropical plants, special aromas and music will support the atmosphere of spirituality.

Special meditataion program Synctuition in Crystal Temple now.