Gong-concert ”A bridge to the silence” by Karl Nieler and his 58 instruments

Gong-therapy individual sessions (Crystal Temple)
(Earth and Heaven Welfare Centre – Maa ja Taeva heaolukeskus)

FullSizeRenderNature and all being consists of vibrations.
Sounds are the vibrations we can hear, and all the world is a part of that everlasting music.
Karl Nieler invites you to listen to the magic of sound bowls – within a couple of hours you can forget about the city behind the windows and clean your head and soul from the everyday concerns.
The strong vibrations and sounds with distant vanishing point offer you a great relaxation as well as open the doors to your deep inner state of mind and guide you into the unity of space.
Nowadays it is popular to gather into your self, different bits of goodness and good stuff, but sadly people often forget about the silence while rushing into goodness. It is very important to be like an empty sound bowl from time to time, because only empty bowl has necessary space the sound needs to be born and enrich the world.
Come to the concert and let your soul to chime! It is good to be empty from time to time!
Participation contribution 15 euros

Gong-therapy individual sessions and sound-massage by Karl Nieler

th of December from 10am till 5pm


Sound-massage in crystal surroundings is very unique experience

Karl Nileler’s sound-massage session has been described as a concert for the body”.

The list of instruments Karl Nieler uses at his session is wide and colorful. Being a professional orchestra musician, he pays a lot of attention to the choice of instruments. He describes the constellation of sounds as  ”Aboriginal Sound Space” (www.karlnieler.com).  The tooling consist of 30 forged high quality sound-bowl, 3 wuhani feng-gongs, 6 Tibetans monastery bells, 9 tingsha zimblies and two French shanties. It took almost two years to complete the setting and those instruments resonate with each other marvellously. On his massage sessions and meditative concerts all the musical instruments are used.

The body opens up to the sound-massage through the bones and water of body. Inner tensions dissolve and vanish into the sounds.

Like we feel the sounds as we touch the piano or double bass, or like we feel the sound of a running engine, we can body-experience all the vibrations the sound creates.
Nature and all being consist of vibrations.
Sounds are the vibrations we can hear, and the whole wide world is a part of that everlasting music.
Strong vibrations and sounds with distant vanishing point offer a great relaxation as well as open the doors to deep inner state of mind and guide you into the unity of space.

Sound-massage gives you the opportunity to „be as one“ with the sound bowls.
Through the session the borders between hearing, listening, touching and thinking will fade.

Everyone experiences a unique vision, picture sequence, color associations etc.
Everything seems to calm down, slower down…

Have you lost your sense of sensing, feeling while being loaded up with everyday concerns and problems at work? Do you want to ”restart yourself“ and get rid of the tensions in your heart?

Karl Nieler guides you to a sound leisure-trip where you can forget about the city and its troubles for an hour.

Come, take your friend along and enjoy our sound-massage session full of beautiful sounds and vibrations that inspire your heart and soul to adjust yourself to more harmonized rhythm of life.

Let your soul to sing!

Participation contribution for individual session 60 minutes/55 euros
Participation contribution for dual session (two person on the same time) 60 minutes/70 euros



Karl Nieler is a professional musician, a bassoon player. He was born in Tallinn, studied music in Tallinn, Lyon, Genf and Karlsruhe. Hea has performed with several orchesrtas and music groups: Concerto Köln & Bayerni Choir, Les Musiciens du Louvre, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Berliner Symphoniker, Wiener Akademie, Opera de Lyon, ERSO, Linnamuusikud, Piibarid and many more.

Since 2001 he is a solo bassoon player at Federal Police Orchestra in Munich.

He became interested in Eastern culture and music at very early age because of an Indian citar player Ravi Shankar, who he admired. In about 2011 he started to pay more attention to the music of sound-bowls as he felt he had reached to the level of mental connectivity with the bowls Big sound-bowls are just a step away from contrabassoon and other low-register instruments.
At 2012 he started his studies at Obertonhaus (www.obertonhaus.de) to become a master at massage and meditation sessions with sound-bowls. He was guided by Georg Müller who is recognized for more than 30 years as one of the best specialists on the field of high-quality sound-bowls. He has spent nearly a half of his life in India, meditates and is a representative of the meditation of Vipassana, he is tutored by S.N.Goenka (www.dhamma.org).

In 2014 Karl Nieler released an album ”Sound Of The Flower”.


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