The power of cherry-blossom

When Eve decided to taste an apple from the tree of seductions, they were ousted from heaven with Adam. The only thing that the Creator had forbidd  them, was to eat the fruit of that paticular tree. He said ” Eat the fruits of the evergreen trees – from the trees that never loose their leaves and never fall a sleep for winter. Trees that live and die, like apple trees, leave untouched”. To be righteous for eating fruits frm the trees that carry the sense of kowledgeing the right and wrong, there is a ritual that has to be made each spring. Ritual grants the body with powers to consume all the valuable vitamines from the fruits. Here is the recipe for the ritual:


You need homely dried fruits (apples, pears, cherries (frozen cherries from supermarket are good aswell), plums etc). If you do not have the access to the homely-made dried fruits, shop neccessary goods from local market, preferably pick those fruits that have grown near to the place of your birth. Grather your supplies at least two weeks prior the cherry blossom season – better do it right now, if you do not have the spare! Before prepearing your mixture, keep the fruits in the area at your home where you spend the most of your time (kitchen, living-room).

Ritual in the cherry blossom season

Grind the fruits as powdery as possible, mix with cherry-juice or cherry liquer – the more natural ingredients, the better. Roll the mass to get a ball in the size of a Rafaello candy. Roll your ball in the freshly opened cherry blossoms so that all the ball was covered.

Now it’s time to eat! Do it with a targeted wish, that you now were allowed to eat the fruit from forbidden tree. That those fruits were able to nourish you in the level of heavenly bliss and that they could serve your body and soul the best way possible.

Eating the mixture grants you with the right to consume the fruits within the year.


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