Others about us

Hello! I think you an organize whatever at your Crystal Temple, everything will be successful there. Such a good energy, such a heartwarming smiles, such an efficient therapy sessions! What a power and what a love for peopel you have! If you all together join your forces to help people then you are invincible! I thin that you are sent by God.I wish you all the best, strenght and force to everything you ever do! I do my best to take part in every session you offer.

Helga -from  Nõmme

Hello and big thanks to Helil. I participated in meditation amongst beautiful and ferytale-like crystal caves. Heli was orcestratig and the stones were singing. She is very nice and poweful lady and I will certainly join in the meditations she is conducting again and again. Love and light for you!

K.T – Harjumaa

Hello and big thanks for existing! I was participating a session of liberating healing in Crystal Temple and it was absolutely sensational! It seemed like the stones were singing the song of love and peace. I felt really good and gained lots of self-confidence! Will see you again soon!

Maarika – Tallinn

Hello! I am one of the lucy ones, who has been directed to your events by Universe. I was at the Time Weaver technology seminary and probably will attend again in the beginning of next year. I am also aware of other sessions like breathing session with Alar Tamming,  Access Barsi sessions with Monika Palm, Teresa is a very powerful lady etc. Appears like everyone is its perfect place.  Abudance, happiness and fruitful actions for the sake of Estonian people!

Viigi – Tabasalu